Our Capabilities


Identify Organic GROWTH Triggers


  • From high level optimization to using “tried and true” models to optimize profitability per sales representative
  • State-of-the-art sales dashboards

Strategic MARKETING strategy

  • Silo and overall marketing strategies/guidance in this ever changing environment


  • Industry leading system for creating relationship hooks and metrics to drive retention and achieve sustainable results

Establish Inorganic GROWTH Channel


  • Buyer Guidance
    • From high level due diligence to full audits
    • Assessment of future risks/rewards
  • Seller Guidance
    • Optimize P&L for potential sale
    • Optimize strategy to target specific buyers

Key Opinion and Advisory Board Establishment

  • Using Best Practice Governance methods, Momentum can assist in the creation of an internal advisory board from recruiting, to training, to formalizing structure via charter process
  • Very valuable asset from small to large companies

Operations Optimization-Pre Analytic to Post Analytic

Operations/Information and Quality Management Systems

Operations Management

  • Utilization of industry leading techniques to assess pre-analytic, analytic and post analytic processes to optimize service, productivity and reduce cost
  • Including assessment of process, automation, cost efficiencies, productivity and profitability

Supply and materials management

  • Utilization of industry leaders to assess current logistics and supply chain processes.
  • Usually can identify 20-50% cost reductions in these areas.


  • Current IT systems- identification of major inefficiencies and creation/implementation of solutions
  • Assessment of new systems including screening and negotiations with vendors

QUALITY management System WITH Compliance management

  • Create a “system” to direct an organization's activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis. to ensure quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.
  • State and National audits including CLIA, CAP and NY State, ISO by QA leaders in the industry
  • Design and development of quality dashboards to comprehensive quality management systems

Reimbursement and Financial Assessment


  • Using industry leading processes to assess the “health “of your billing and collections processes
  • Includes comparing productivity, DSO and bad debt to the industry


  • Steep expertise in achieving positive medical policy and payer contracts with both commercial and governmental payers
  • Medical Society Guideline blueprint process


  • Modeling, creation of cost and forecasting systems

Special Services

The most critical component- The TEAM

Executive coaching via Gallup process

  • Culture enhancement,
  • Mission alignment with KPI development.

Fractional leadership Services

  • Short term and long term interim management for all facets of the business

Recruiting Services

  • Ranging from C-level candidates to Director candidates

Womens Health /Fem Tech Leadership Expertise

  • Fundraising
  • Product ideation → Launch
  • Thoughtleadership
  • Strategic partnering
  • Congressional Lobbying
  • KOL Network

Artificial Intelligence

  • We provide artificial intelligence services to all players in the healthcare arena, including academic institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. These services include data processing, encoding and access to advanced deep learning solutions