With the mapping of the human genome we are discovering at record speed new technological breakthroughs. We often apply our specialized expertise in identifying and quantifying the commercial value for discoveries, product candidates, and marketed technologies in support of smaller biotechs, as well as larger companies. We are in a sense a portable “technology transfer” unit brought in to help the scientists in academic and private industry.

Living in a resource-constrained environment is a reality for biotechnology executives. To address commercialization needs, many seek relationships with diagnostic companies to outlicense, co-develop, or co-market their products. Our evaluations can help management decide which products to in-license or out-license and which rights to retain. If co-developing or co-marketing a product maximizes use of limited resources, MOMENTUM’S due diligence and alliance management experience helps to identify and approach the best fiscal match and clarifies performance and expectations for all parties involved.


70-80% of medical decisions are made with diagnostics. Diagnostics are the life line for improving healthcare and managing outcomes. Our expertise can guide a client from clinical validation, analytical validation, CLIA and CAP licensing market surveillance/surveying, and commercialization planning with the outcome being a flawless product launch. In addition to commercialization, our team can maximize the overall operations efficiency, quality and as a result improve the overall bottom line.

With the ever changing regulatory environment, identifying cost reduction opportunities is not a nicety, it is a necessity. Let momentum add considerable “momentum” to your bottom line.

Clinical Trial Testing

Clinical trials are an up and coming product offering for diagnostic laboratories, given the demand for companion diagnostics. Preparing a lab to become a trial provider, negotiation trial contracts and maximize their clinical trial capability is a core competency of our team. Let us show you how you can become a trial provider.